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Name: Jay Kyran Krank (I lurv my middle name!)
Age: 22 and counting
Gender: Male, but only in title
Hometown: Corpus Christi, TX
Location: Where I am right now? At my computer "desk"
Sexuality: I like what I like, but the technical label would be bisexual
Stereotype: Uber-geek or class clown

+Your Views On+

Stereotyping: As long as it's done in jest and the slurs and misconceptions are not true beliefs, it's fine fun for the whole family.
Eating Disorders: Sad results from a media image run amok. I find it depressing that so many fall prey to it, but it will do no good to yell at them. You have to help a person at their own pace, and never force them into anything. They have to want to change.
The Government: Allow me to wax radical here. I believe all forms of government are viable and have their own weak and strong points. Further, I believe once a government is put into affect, and the element of humanity is added, it becomes irrevocably corrupted and useless. Humanity are predators who pretend to be herd animals, it makes for an instable society at best.
George Bush Jr: He is quite possibly the most terrifying president to date. Everyone thinks he is stupid, bumbling, and unfocused. They couldn't be more wrong. It's all an act and the majority of the populace is falling for it. What kind of man hides his own intellect...a man who wants his enemies to underestimate him. Horrifying.
Drugs/Alcohol: To be quite honest, I have no use for them. What ever effects they produce I can match or beat with my own mind. I have alternatives for every drug and drink. But to elaborate, I do not begrudge anyone else the use of them. It's their life, not mine.
Homosexuality: I believe that everyone has homosexual, and heterosexual, tendencies to a certain degree. Some people just like men more than women and vice verse. I think it's natural and healthy, and not at all this horrible sin or mental disease society has labeled it.
Religion: This coincides with my view on the government and drugs/alcohol. I do not subscribe to any organized religion because I see they are all flawed by the human element. I believe in individual belief systems and personal faith. Still, I do not belittle or begrudge any other people their faith. You do what you can to find happiness and serenity in this world.
Ridicule: Ah, here is where I might get a little backlash. I was ridiculed by girls a lot through high school, which has lead to a distrust of compliments from girls. When I had a big change in my high school life, and I became the popular one, I was still ridiculed by my friends. It would drive me to tears until one day it hit me. They only did it because I reacted and words couldn't hurt me. Since then it has been impossible to hurt my feelings or offend me...though I've found I am quick to ridicule others. It's a problem I really need to work on, but it's good I recognize it's a problem.

+List Your Favorite+

Bands: Gary Numan, Alien Sex Fiend, Apoptygma Berzerk (old), Beborn Beton, Gigi D'Agastino, Fischerspooner, Mount Sims, The Birthday Massacre, and slowly working on Sisters of Mercy and David Bowie (I need to hear more before I can truly say I am in love...though it's almost there)
Books: The Prince by Machiavelli, Warhamer and Warhammer 40K series, and a slew of other books that I am too rushed to list =X
Stores: Stores? Oh, how odd. Let's go with Half Price Books
Food: I adore sashimi and sushi of all kinds, especially eel. Cheese is an all time favorite of mine
Color: I love green, silver, black, and purple, but not all together

+List Your Least Favorite+

Bands: Oh god, so many. Pretty much any "scene"/"emo" bands, all new rappers...let's just say anything made after the early 90's fits here
Books: Anything I am forced to read, quite honestly. I really hate Dickens' novels though
Stores: Hmm...any of the places normal people shop at HA! Just kidding, I am not that snobby...wait, yes I am
Food: Christ I hate Brussel sprouts
Color: I really don't have a least favorite color, though blue always seemed too much for me


Post at least 1 good picture of yourself
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