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application 4 me.

Name: Emmy
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Hometown: Marshall
Location: Marshall
Sexuality: Straight
Stereotype: Heh....insane activist dancer lady!

+Your Views On+
Stereotyping: it sucks
Eating Disorders: don't!
The Government: die.
George Bush Jr: f**k u.
Drugs/Alcohol: whatever.
Homosexuality: woots.
Religion: do what u want.
Ridicule: piss off.

+List Your Favorite+
Bands: blink-182, green day, all-american rejects
Books: HP...romance, mysteries
Stores: Hot Topic, Aeropostle...Walmart...lol.
Food: Italian
Color: Orange, green, black, hot pink

+List Your Least Favorite+
Bands: click 5...lil' pop singers.
Books: boring ones.
Stores: Hollister
Food: liver and onions.
Color: brown

Post at least 1 good picture of yourself
in your everyday attire. No exceptions,
and no dressing up as someone you're not.

Do you think you will be accepted? hell yeah.
Why do you want to sit at our table? b/c i luv you.

Promote us somewhere in your
journal and send a link back:

The End
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No one else needs to vote, I say you're in.
*Didn't use an LJ-cut.

*Needs more elaboration on questions.

*Didn't post pictures, or promote us.

^Correct the above, and perhaps.
i agree. i <3 you but you need to most definately promote!!! thats the point of promotion!