Spensi Wensi (skittle_earz) wrote in ourlunchtable,
Spensi Wensi

like my lunch themed icon?

Gender: female
Hometown: marshall
Location: my chair
Sexuality: straight
Stereotype: weird kid with the weird hair

+Your Views On+
Stereotyping: i get stereotyped, i hate it
Eating Disorders: have some bacon skinny girl
The Government: is run by morons.
George Bush Jr: he looks like a monkey
Drugs/Alcohol: where!?
Homosexuality: do whatever you want to, i myself am straight, but its cool when people fall in love.
Religion: fuckkkkk it.
Ridicule: ...i ridicule everyone, so its not that bad.

+List Your Favorite+
Bands:grateful dead, deadsy, dead kennedys, mistifts, alk3
Books:hot zone, curious incident of the dog in the nighttime, georgia nicholson, cobra event, anything
Stores: target, hot topic, walmart, fye.
Food: noodles!
Color: black red white grey

+List Your Least Favorite+
Bands:uhhh. 50 cent, alan jackson
Books:things that confuse me
Stores:anything that begins with Amer... or Aero... or Aber, or Holli
Color: puce

Post at least 1 good picture of yourself
in your everyday attire. No exceptions,
and no dressing up as someone you're not.
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Do you think you will be accepted? yeah.
Why do you want to sit at our table? because i sit there everyday and i dont like my routine to be messed up.
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i believe you should be accepted. you didnt have a fake-ass application, your pics rocked and you like noodles! ^_^
I love you Tiffany

you were my first friend :)
you would.
heheh i remember that. you were my first friend too ^_^ that was sooo long ago!