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I fucked it up good.

[Unknown LJ tag]+Basics+
Sarah (Snair, Spitfire, and just recently Crash)
Age: 18
Gender: Fezemale
Hometown: Mars Hill...where 'Pig Hunt' makes the front page
Location: N.C.
Sexuality: Yeah, I've got one
Stereotype: Anything not like AppleJacks

+Your Views On+
...AppleJacks sucks
Eating Disorders: I've got a few friends who've had them, it's not something I've been through first hand so I don't have much of a position on it.
The Government: Heh, I'm disgusted with the way it works most of the time...especially with currency. Other than that I would rather live in an 'underdeveloped' country instead.
George Bush Jr: I don't like the man. I admit, during a time of war he might be a good president but first of all, when he was elected there was no war and secondly he looks like a damn monkey...he'll give us all Ebola!
Drugs/Alcohol: I've done them, they're not that big of a deal. I come from a family that drinks and that's what I'll do to. If it ruins me then that's on my back. I like it kindly. They say the person you can depend to tell you the truth constantly is a drunk. Now a crack head...I'll get back to you on that one.
Homosexuality: I'm full blown for it. There is a fine line though, between the religious conflict and the political. It isn't wrong though. This issue is just like the Civil Rights act way back when. People have protested and people have died for what they believe is fair or right.
Religion: Don't shove yours on me and we'll get along just fine.
Ridicule: I try my best not to do it...but sometimes you just get the feeling that it isn't fair for you to eat shit while those who are ridiculing you get the best out of it.

+List Your Favorite+
Too many to list sweethearts
Books: My favorite is Shade's Children
Stores: Pass Times, B. Dalton...and yard sales...!
Color: GREEN

+List Your Least Favorite+
Books: Bean trees
Stores: Hot Typical
Food: Coliflower
Color: Yellow

Post at least 1 good picture of yourself
in your everyday attire. No exceptions,
and no dressing up as someone you're not.
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Do you think you will be accepted?
Uh, maybe
Why do you want to sit at our table? Because, I used to throw mashed potatos on that Mike kid but now he's gone and I've got no fun.

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